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General Terms and Conditions of the website, online catalog are owned by Miha Kušar s.p., hereinafter referred to as MODROC.

Company’s Information

Name of the Company: Miha Kušar s.p., carpentry, store and services

Address: Tomišelj 6B, 1292 Ig

Telephone number: 040 644 001

Website: www.modroc.si, www.mizarstvo-kusar.si

Email: info@modroc.si

Bank Account Number: 0205 8009 2215 320

IBAN: SI56 0205 8009 2215 320 (NLB d.d.)


Registration Number: 1354655

VAT Identification Number: SI37814354

Liable for VAT: Yes


Website www.modroc.si, under the Miha Kušar s.p. company, enables you to electronically purchase products online through a sent inquiry via the www.modroc.si website.

MODROC and user/buyer of this website are governed by mutual rights and obligations with respect to electronic purchase through the website with general Terms and Conditions of MODROC, drawn up in accordance with the Law on Protection of Consumer, recommendations of the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia and international codes for the e - commerce. MODROC commits that the website will operate in accordance with all applicable laws in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia.

You are advised to, before using the online store, carefully read the below Terms and Conditions, as you shall be bound by the moment you enter the online store MODROC. General Terms and Conditions are updated regularly, are at any time in its latest version and in its fullness, and the text is available on the website www.modroc.si.

Withdrawal from the general Terms and Conditions is possible only in the case of express written agreement between MODROC and user/buyer.

All communication that takes place between the buyer and MODROC in electronic form shall be considered as having been made in writing and has the force of a contract.  This sales contract or contract to purchase is stored with the seller MODROC and the buyer may, upon written request, obtain at any time within 5 years following the completion of the contract.

Before the delivery of goods, seller MODROC has the right to contact the customer by phone or e – mail, in order to verify the submitted contact data. In the event that, on the basis of the data, MODROC cannot come into contact with the buyer, MODROC considers the purchase contract as null and void.

The website is open daily 24 hours a day. Due to major reasons, technical or other nature, online shopping through MODROC or even access to the store is sometimes not possible; therefore, MODROC reserves the right to, for a fixed or an indefinite period of time, limit or discontinue the sale of some or even all products and/or completely stop access to site's online store or otherwise restrict or suspend the operation of an online store.


We guarantee that any personal information collected by MODROC will be dealt in accordance with the applicable laws governing the protection of personal data and used exclusively for carrying out purchases and improving the functioning of our company's website.

MODROC commits that the personal information from the previous paragraph will not be forwarded to third parties and will not be used for advertising or other purposes without the explicit consent of the user/buyer.



Payment upon delivery is not possible.


Bank Transfer

In this case, you receive, by email, an invoice of the items ordered, including the cost of shipping or delivery.

After the payment of the invoice by direct bank transfer, the delivery follows, at no additional cost, over an agreed period of time.


The prices online are indicated in Euros and are inclusive of the legally required 22% or 9.5% VAT

Prices in Euros also apply to customers from abroad. Prices are effective on the day of order and may change on a daily basis.


Delivery of mattresses and wooden slat bases is free of charge, directly to your home, in Ljubljana with its surroundings (up to 30km in total). It does not include delivering of items inside the building.

Smaller items such as pillows and quilts are sent through the POŠTA SLOVENIJE at the current rates of  POŠTA SLOVENIJE DD.

Delivery time is 10-14 business days from the confirmation of payment!

You will be notified about delivery by phone or e-mail.

If the items are sent by post and you are not home, the postal delivery officer leaves a Delivery Notice with his/her phone number, in order to schedule a new delivery time/place or for your to collect the items at the post office.

For information regarding your order and delivery, you can call us from Monday to Friday between 12 and 18 o'clock on our telephone number 051644100 or send us a question or message to our email address: info@modroc.si


Upon delivery, the customer is responsible to carefully examine the packaging and its contents. In the event of damage to the product, the customer is liable to immediately report of the damages to the delivery officer. The costumer is obliged to, together with the delivery officer, write an official record, and especially carefully fill the section on the state of the packaging and product. The buyer will surrender the damaged product, which will be sent together with the official record at the expense of the seller MODROC, to the address of the seller. After MODROC receives the damaged product, we will send the costumer a new product in the shortest amount of time possible.


If for any reason you are not satisfied with the purchased item, you can return the item within 15 days from the date you receive the item. With the returned product, you should write a note of resignation from the contract and you do not need to state a reason. Returned goods must be undamaged and in the original packaging. The costs of returning the goods are buyer’s responsibility– the returned items should be addressed to:



Miha Kušar Sp. - STUDIO KUŠAR

Barjanska 64

1000 Ljubljana


For any questions that not covered by these general Terms and Conditions, the applicable legislation governs the obligations of the Republic of Slovenia.

Any disputes between the parties arising or are in any way related to the online store shall be settled by mutual agreement whereby MODROC is bound to complaints submitted by e-mail: info@modroc.si and are resolved in accordance with the applicable legislation and quickly and efficiently.

If the dispute cannot be resolved on a consensual manner, the parties agree that the dispute shall be settled by the competent court in Ljubljana under the Slovenian law.

General Terms and Conditions of MODROC are effective and shall apply from 11.22.2013 onwards.


We wish you pleasant shopping!


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